TigersFM Gold

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Each Trader who turns to us for assistance has a different trading background. Some are only toying with the idea of becoming traders. Others have already made several successful trades at stock, forex, or bond markets. Still, others have been trading like a pro for decades. Aware of these essential differences in their trading skills and goals, we offer to our customers different types of trading accounts:TigersFM Classic, TigersFM Silver, TigersFM Gold, TigersFM VIP, and TigersFM Prime.

There are some services offered to all our traders. No matter what account you decide to open, you will be helped by our senior account manager. You will also gain access to our Educational Center and will fully benefit from our carefully selected educational materials. That is, your professional growth as a trader is always assured at TigersFM regardless of the type of account you choose. And yet, each account also offers services that others do not include.

TigersFM Gold gives you more exclusive options than do TigersFM Classic and TigersFM Silver. If you open the TigersFM Gold trading account, you will talk to our account manager, learn trading with the help of our educational resources, and visit our webinar library, as you would do when you own our TigersFM Silver account. This is not all, however. With TigersFM Gold, a list of benefits you will enjoy is more comprehensive. You will be assisted by our market analyst who will study your trading activities and will give you practical tips on how to maximize your profits.

Your maximum leverage will be up to 1: 400. You will also have Swap with up to 25% discount and will enjoy Gold Spreads.

Put in a nutshell, when you choose our TigersFM Gold account, your benefits will be as follows:

  • Net Deposit : 25,001 – 100,000
  • Leverage: Up To 1:300
  • Withdrawals Approvals : Within 3 business days
  • Trading Signals: Mon’-Fri’
  • Weekly managed sessions : 2-3 Sessions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Daily Market Reviews
  • 1 on 1 educational sessions
  • 24/5 Support
  • Welcome Bonus : Up to 70%
  • Gold Spreads

Open TigersFM Gold account with us and turn your trading into an exciting, profitable experience.

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